New features will be released to your Chalk & Wire site on July 22, 2016. See below for details on what's coming soon for students!

Portfolio Editing Updates

We’ve made several updates to the portfolio editing and viewing features including:

Adding Content

Users can now choose where their new content is inserted.

Microsoft OneDrive Integration

Users can now add files to their portfolio using the OneDrive integration. 

Student Tagging

Students can now add preexisting tags to their own content after it has been submitted. Students will only find their own work when searching using the Tag Reporter.


Editing Images

Users can now edit their uploaded images with a new robust editor.

Submission Interface

The submission process has been simplified to ensure a higher rate of completion.


Theme Customization

Users can now create and save custom themes to enhance work shares and samples. Administrators can also create and save public themes for use by other users to apply to their portfolios.

Student Dashboard

We’ve made several updates to the Dashboard to provide quick and easy access to work and information students need to access most often.  

Overview Tab

The Overview tab now provides direct links to Field Placements that are in progress in addition to recently edited portfolios on the My Coursework screen. 

Recent assessments are highlighted on a graph, which provides an assessment instrument filter and drill-down options for viewing assessment details (assessment instrument, submitted work, criterion scores, linked outcomes). 

Users can hide newsflashes and collaborative workspace invitations that they have addressed to remove them from their default view. 


Performance Tab

The Performance tab provides students with direct access to their results on Outcomes Sets. Students can quickly view the status of each outcome (assessed or not) and their overall outcome score. Drill-down options are also provided for viewing assessment details.






Stay tuned! We're supercharging the assessment interface and more!

Additional information on assessment and administrative enhancements will be delivered to your inbox soon!


Updates are undertaken in batches, at night, during non-office hours (11 p.m. EDT to 6 a.m. EST) and are completed within 15 minutes after starting the process. All active sites will be updated starting at 11 p.m. on Friday July 22nd, to be completed by 6 a.m. on Monday, July 25th.

Your data is transferred directly. Updates do not pose a threat to existing portfolios or assessment/reporting data.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Support Staff at