New features will be released to your Chalk & Wire site on July 22, 2016. See below for details on what's coming soon for site Administrators!

Results Live

Filter by Assessor

In Results Live, administrators can now filter results by a specific Assessor. 


Student Count

In Results Live, administrators are now provided with a new Output Option—“Display Unique Student Counts”—which provides the number of students who contributed to the assessment data in the report. 

Report Export

Results Live now has the option to export data in various formats without having to generate the report on screen.

Field Placements

Custom Field Visibility

Administrators can now select which stakeholders are permitted to view a custom field added to a field placement. 

Field Placement Importer—Additional Options

The Field Placement Importer can now import custom fields and tags.

And more...


Administrators now have the ability to import Form response data for Guest users.

TOC Frames—Mandatory Forms

When linking an Assessment/Portfolio form to a Table of Contents, administrators can now choose whether a form must be completed prior to submission, irrespective of “required” individual form questions.

New Assessor Pool Distribution Option

When using the ‘send to one assessor at random’ option in pool settings, administrators can now optionally indicate the percentage of the submissions that each member of the pool will receive.

Assessment Instruments—New Escalation Options

New escalation options based on 'Highest Criterion Score' and 'Lowest Criterion Score' are now available. Users can set the highest or lowest score that they would like an assessment to escalate on. If any criterion receives that score (or higher/lower, depending on the threshold settings) the assessment will escalate.

Additionally, administrators are now able to modify the Escalation Options on an Assessment Instrument even when there are previously completed assessments.  

Admin Override (Limited) 

A new 'Limited' Administrator Override option is available. When applied, it does not allow users access to the Codes page or to edit users.


If you missed our previous messages regarding the student and assessment interface changes coming soon they are available from the following links:

Updates are undertaken in batches, at night, during non-office hours (11 p.m. EDT to 6 a.m. EST) and are completed within 15 minutes after starting the process. All active sites will be updated starting at 11 p.m. on Friday July 22nd, to be completed by 6 a.m. on Monday, July 25th.

Your data is transferred directly. Updates do not pose a threat to existing portfolios or assessment/reporting data.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Support Staff at